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tagmagTag Magazine给我们留言希望我们可以通过simple style网站向中国的摄影爱好者发出征稿邀请。Tag Magazine是位于美国纽约的一家工作室,通过网站公开收集作品的形式将大家投票推荐的照片出版成杂志发行。



* Upload your strongest photo shot by you
* Submit your finest photo to the appropriate theme for that photo.
* Members will review your submitted photos and vote.
* The photo with the highest number of votes per day, will be reviewed by our editors.
* Your photos maybe selected for publication.
欢迎大家踊跃投稿。如有任何疑问可以在这里留言,我们将及时为你解答和与tag magazine联系。

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