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other-books还记得我为你们介绍过的3191,a year of mornings和a year of evenings吗?它的其中一位女主人著名摄影师Maria(MAV)于这两天与Lena(Lines&Shapes)创建了另一个的独立出版社Other Books,作为Line&Shape的分支,出于她们这么多年以来一直提倡的简单生活的原则,她们希望这家出版社能将梦想逐步实现。


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  1. 谢谢2ya你的质疑。我可能理解错了原文当中的一句话了。


  2. 这是来自Maria(MAV)的回复:

    Hi, Sophie.
    Thank you so much for your sweet note. It’s so kind of you to mention our books; we are grateful. Please don’t worry about the mistake. Lena and I have so many collaborations that these are easy mistakes to make. We understand.

    Lena and Maria (MAV) collaborate on Lines & Shapes and Other Books.
    Maria (MAV) and Stephanie collaborate on 3191 Miles Apart (which includes A Year of Mornings and our new book 3191: Evenings).

    I hope this helps!
    Let us know if you would like to know anything else.

    Our best to you,

    Maria (MAV)

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