Inner Self: 我们熟悉的自己


Inner Self是法国摄影师Anne-Sophie Guillet探索身份认同的一个拍摄项目。她希望通过拍摄独特的个体,展现多元另类的生活态度。

Inner Self is a photography project from French photographer Anne-Sophie Guillet, which seeks to explore the self identity of modern life.Through the shooting of unconventional individuals, Guillet hopes to demonstrate the diversified attitudes toward life.





Here is an introduction from the photographer.

In our society, we have very specific expectations about the dichotomy of gender and the roles that each gender should adopt. However, this dichotomy is not an exclusive point of view. I attempt to question this hypothesis by making portraits of men and women whose identities slip out of the norms. Through these portraits, I try to show that there are several ways of living our lives as human beings.

Body delineates an individual, it comes to confound itself with the external identity; the one we show to others. It is an observation, the carnal envelope claims itself as a necessary support for the construction of ego and its own identity.


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