Fabien Seguin – Under the leaves

Fabien Seguin,一名法国的自由摄影师,由于对中国的向往,于2006在武汉开始了他在中国的工作生活,目前任教于武汉大学,他还给自己取了个中文名字叫“范阳”。

Fabien Seguin一直没停过对摄影的热爱与追求,”Under the leaves” 就是目前正在进行的一个摄影项目,很欣赏他对这些平凡景物的态度与观察,也非常期待能看到这个系列的更多作品。

“Under the leaves, something is happening, something is growing that will not abate until they return there for good”


All photos copyright by Fabien Seguin

4 Replies to “Fabien Seguin – Under the leaves”

  1. Les feuilles sonts bonnes vivantes!! Fabien n’est pas seulement bon professeur, il est aussi un grand photographe!

  2. I like your leaves’ series,I’m a WuHan man ,so it is very proud for me that we have the same eye at our living landscape.
    I hope you can give me your EMAIL ,so it is very pleased to discuss with you.manytimes i fell loney ,for nobody around me
    like to talk about this subject matter.

  3. 这些照片处理得太好了,光与影太妙了,色彩也很不错,我都可以从照片中嗅出绿色的味道。

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