Stronger Shines the Light Inside: 漫漫自由路

01 RemonaStronger Shines the Light Inside是美国摄影师Angie Smith拍摄、记录难民的一个独立项目。

Stronger Shines the Light Inside,  is an independent project from American photographer Angie Smith, which taking photos and documenting refugees’ stories.

难民,在中文语境中是一个陌生的概念。新闻中的难民问题被描绘成难民潮,是欧洲国家的问题,事实上,中国收留了3万1047名难民(联合国,2013),2015年全球难民人数更是创下近20年最高记录:1510万(联合国,2015)。数字背后,是背井离乡,逃离战乱与迫害的人们。他们从哪里来?有着怎样的喜好和梦想?他们的故事是什么?摄影师Angie Smith就是想通过这个拍摄项目,展现这个独特群体的真实面貌,改变社会对难民的刻板印象。

04 PATRICKRefugee is a relative alien concept in Chinese context. The refugee issue has been portrayed as a refugee crisis that concerning European countries. In fact, there are 30,1047 refugees reside in China (UN, 2013). The total number of refugees in the world has just reached a record high in 20 years: 15.1 million (UN, 2015). Behind each number, there is individual who left his/her home country to escape from war and prosecution. Where are they from? What’s their hobbies and dreams? What’s their stories? Angie is hoping to present the real story of the unique refugee community, and through this project that she can challenge the stigma that the society holds about refugees.


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