Lorena Lohr:捕捉时光的痕迹

01楼梯间、调味瓶、空椅子,还有辽阔的风景,在Lohr的镜头下,主角是像空气一样平常的静物, 它们与柔和的红白蓝色一起,构建了一个无人的静默舞台。

Lorena Lohr 是一名旅居美国的英国摄影师, 目前正在进行一个名为Ocean Sands 的拍摄项目。自2010年开始,她走遍美国,把镜头对准美国西南部、沙漠、墨西哥边境小镇。时光在这些地方静止,人们的生活在镜头以外继续。Lorena Lohr 最新自出版作品为 Desert Moon






Stairs, salt & pepper shakers, empty chairs and the grand landscape, these are the eye-catching objects under Lohr’s camera. They teamed up with soft colours like pink, white and blue, to create a silent platform with the absence of human being.

Lorena Lohr is a British photographer living in America. Her current project is Ocena Sands. Since 2010, Lohr has been travelling through America and focus on the American South West and its desert and Mexican-border town. Time has frozen in places like these, while people’s live continue beyond the lense of the camera. Lorena Lohr’s  recent self-publish boos is Desert Moon. via