Simple Style Posting Guest 专栏人物采访第一期 某姑娘




Shabby factories, deserted houses, empty playground, those all stay lonely between her photography and reality. Late autumn extends along outskirt fields; a foggy early morning witnesses still life. Through her photos, I may know MOU is such a girl with occasionally melancholic temperament. She is also an oil painting artist. The famous and unique naked little girl lives in her own world. MOU has a sweet pleasant smile and she is just the first posting guest of Simple Style. Here is more about her and her works exclusive on Simple Style.

1 苏菲:许多喜欢你的摄影风格以及欣赏你的油画作品的人,都觉得你是个神秘的姑娘,在寂寞的夜色里穿行,将镜头交予远方和未知。为我们简单介绍一下自己吧,从你的作品和文字中展现的那个某与真实的你有多大的差别呢?

Most people who appreciate your works thought that you are a quite special and mysterious person. How do you think so? Could you give our readers a brief introduction about yourself? The MOU reflected from your works and your words is much different from MOU in reality?


MOU in reality is a designer who actually not so keen on design. Everyday, I may rush towards home from office and hold my brush to do paintings. I enjoy walking because of carsickness which originally aroused my interest in taking photos. I am not mysterious but a plain one.

I think if you like drawing you can always be happy. When I track back to the moments I feel confused, my painting will help me make everything clear and memorable. All the works I have done till now are a record of my changes, from my sentimental young age to adulthood. I cannot be defined without them because they are my shadow.

2 苏菲:上海对你来说是一个怎样的城市呢?在你的镜头里,为我们呈现的上海和其他人很不一样,或者说,看不出城市的印记。你所拍摄的那些充满着后现代工业风格的照片对你而言,有什么特别的涵义吗?

How does Shanghai mean to you? I see a really different City of Shanghai through your images. A city without modernism and fashion as it is. I may call it the post modern industrial photography. Is there any special definition you draw from your life in Shanghai and then reflect on your photographs?


Shanghai for me is a city of Push and Pleasure. I came to Shanghai to study since 2002. Seven years passed, and I have gone through what is called Seven Years Itch. Although I have yeaned many times I want to leave there (from the first day I arrived shanghai)

But when I realized all my pains and pleasures, all those lonely days I conquered, Shanghai is still in my heart, like a companion. I know She is so important to me now. C’est la vie. Life is real. Undeniable, this city shapes and carves me gradually these years and I am what I am now.

I do not intend to record Shanghai with my photos and free to any style. I have been concentrating on SPACE and its connection with TIME, HUMAN, and space interaction. I am fascinated by a huge spacial scenery. For me, it is safe and peaceful. I stand alone on the central, holding my breath to feel its beating. I feel its energy and power.

3 苏菲:我开始注意到你最近的照片以黑白为主了,是开始对黑白摄影感兴趣了吗?黑白摄影对静物的诠释以及对环境的把握,以更沉默的状态为主题内容,让我觉得你的摄影风格的荒凉感更加浓重了,是生活,心情上的某些变化让你有了这种尝试吗?

I noticed that you begin to take black-and-white images now. Are you interested it recently? Is there anything new you would like to try that?


Not really. I consider it just a choice. I think I may take too many colored photos and limit myself in a framed concept. Therefore, drive me out from colors may help me focus exclusively on photography itself. What is more, I can develop films by myself with black and white. Try different, take it easy, this is what I adore now.

4 苏菲:有时候,看着你的照片,我会把你和另外一个我也非常喜欢的摄影师eris作比较,镜头中的场景,以及反映的心境,都有一种在路上,在旅途中,不断寻找,亦有挫折,继续行走,自省,询问,自由,归属。你如何看待与她风格的相同和不同之处呢?

Occasionally, your photographs from your blog are compared with another photographer Eris. The comparison underlines a kind of photographic language that is very identifiable. You both feel free to open your images and meanings to be connected. ON JOURNEY with self-consciousness, inquiring, frustration, freedom and belongings, How do you relate your photographs with hers?


Eris is my friend and I like her images very much. I have never tried to compare my photographs with hers. Style forms from your sub-consciousness. Artists cannot be bothered to comparison, I think. Express what you feel, make it invisible to environment, and leave your readers sense it by themselves.

5 苏菲:我们常说,在言语无法表达的时候,可以借助画与照片来表达自己话语上的缺失。画画,摄影之于你而言,有着怎么样的联系呢?

As it is said, when we are speechless, painting and taking photos can be other effective ways to express ourselves. How do painting and photography means to you? Is there any connection between them?


Painting, from my childhood I knew this is what I will continue all my life. They are meant to be a tool. When you think something can be properly expressed by another thing, you will be naturally got used to it.

6 苏菲:学校教育给你带来的是什么?有多重要?

Dose education count in your life? How important do you think it is?

某:大学的学习教会我的只是“自学” 。不过现在还想继续去读书,和以前不同的是现在知道自己更需要的是什么。

All I think of university education is self-taught. I still have the plan to further my education, but it is all different now, I know what I want from education, I know how to learn.

7 苏菲:有没有觉得自己像谁呢?

Who do you think you look like?


I have no idea. I am MOU, no one else.

8 苏菲:最后一个问题,最近有什么令人兴奋的计划或是好消息吗?

One last question, anything new recently to share with us?


Recover from my bone fracture, yes, I am now undergoing torture of my carelessness. I walk too much! After that, I plan to make some portraits photography and finish some works I have engaged these days. I will also try something interesting later aside scenic photos. Follow you heart;Let it be.

编辑/苏菲    图/某
Translated by 苏菲