Connor Dobbin:捕捉自然之美

Nbr-h000-1Connor Dobbin是来自加拿大安大略省的青年摄影师。Connor喜欢拍摄自然之美,希望能够在外界破坏/取代自然不同寻常的美丽之前将它们记录下来。

Connor Dobbin is a photographer from Ontario, Canada. He likes to capture the beauty of nature. He hopes that he can take photographs of found unusual natural things before they are destroyed or replaced by society/mother nature.

从2012年开始,Connor开始了拍摄项目:Nbr-h000,记录家乡的自然景物。以下作品选自 Nbr-h000d Forest green。

Since 2012, Connor has started a photography project called Nbr-h000d, to record the natural beauty in his hometown. Photographs in this article are selected from Nbr-h000d and Forest Green.

Nbr-h000-2Nbr-h000-3Forest-green-02Forest-green-01可否简单介绍一下自己?Can you briefly describe yourself?

23岁,自学成才的摄影师,来自加拿大安大略剑桥。曾在多伦多Seneca College学习平面设计。我使用的是35mm 全自动相机。

23 years old self taught photographer from Cambridge, Ontario. Studied graphic design at Seneca College in Toronto. I use 35mm point and shoot cameras and I like creating my own photo books.

为什么会拍摄Nbr-h000d?Why started this project?


It felt natural to photograph my hometown Cambridge. I live near a rural area in Cambridge surrounded by a lot of nature and farmlands. Growing up I had a strong active upbringing in nature with my family. I treated this project like a diary and each of the subjects related to how I felt at the time. I liked the idea of wandering around and finding natural objects that popped up in and around my neighbourhoods (Cambridge and Toronto). Felt a strong connection to them in a strange deep way.

拍摄这个项目最享受的是什么?What did you enjoy the most from this project?

2013-2015年期间我住在多伦多的地下室公寓,这段期间我的创造力很旺盛,个人风格也开始成形,还结交了许多艺术家朋友。我非常享受在公寓里冲洗和扫描相片。 当时住在一个很受限制的环境里,我可以探索一些偏僻的地方。整个环境有一种社区的感觉。我在偏远地区中成长, 从小就体会了很强的社区凝聚力。我喜欢观察人们前院的景物。

When I was living in my basement apartment in Toronto around 2013-2015. It was a productive time, my style was starting to develop. I made new friends that were artists.

Living in a new very controlled environment, when I explored further into the rougher areas. It had more of a community vibe. Growing up I was use to seeing strong communities in small isolated towns. I found interesting natural things in peoples front gardens that grabbed me as they flowers they have or glow stones just for decoration of the garden. I liked getting my negatives developed and scanning my film in my basement room.

摄影对你来说意味着什么?What does photography mean to you?

创造、实验的自由,可以拥抱错误。 摄影帮助我成长,让我放慢脚步,安抚我的灵魂。  我通过摄影发现自我,相信自己的直觉和感受。它是一种媒介,可以让我不用语言表达自我。

Freedom to create, play around and embrace mistakes. Helps me grow and slows me down and is meditative for my soul.  Discovering myself and trusting my intuition and senses, through the photography medium and it offers me something to say without saying anything.

可否描述一下你的理想世界?Can you briefly describe your ideal world?


Finding a community of individuals with similar interests that I can collaborate with that would accept me for what I do.

哪些艺术家激发了你的灵感Artists that inspire you?

Peter Saville: 小时候爸爸经常带着我听唱片,我们会在他的房间里听The Clash, The Sugarcubes, U2和The Cure。他给我看过一张Joy Division极简风格的唱片封面。在一个森林和一片被雪覆盖的麦田上,简单写着Joy Division。照片简单自然,却有种特别的感觉。这些常人一无所知,但是爸爸展示给我看的东西对我来说特别珍贵。这张照片一直停留在我脑海中,影响了我的创作风格和我对自然摄影的欣赏。

Peter Saville: When I was a child my dad would educate me with his vinyls. We would listen to The Clash, The Sugarcubes, U2, The Cure in his room. He showed me a white Joy Division cover in a minimal background that had a forest and a cornfield in the snow with just the title Joy Division. The photo was natural and vernacular and it felt really special to be shown it. I cherished the things my dad would show me and nobody would ever know. That image has stayed with me and has affected my way and appreciation for nature photography.

Ariel Pink: 他的音乐散发着一种能量,我们的创作方式也非常相似。他的创作激励着我坚持现在所做的事情。他的作品让我感觉非常亲切,让我想起小时候在与世隔绝的小镇中成长的经历和认识的人们。我会从回忆取材,来影响当前的创作。

Ariel Pink: Drawn to that energy from his music, I have a similar process to the way he works. His collection of work and album art work inspires me to continue what I’m working on. Feel an affinity to his work, reminds me of the memories of small town isolated places and people I grew up with. I use things from my past memories to influence the present sometimes.

Anuta Skrypnychenko:我在剑桥图书馆发现了她的作品,马上就被她的风格吸引住了。我搬回多伦多居住的时候和她成为了好朋友。她非常真诚,对我非常照顾。Anuta的思考方式对我是一种启发,创作很有原创力。她的作品经得起时间的考验。我很喜欢她的艺术书。经过她的引荐,我接触了许多新鲜事物。我很欣赏她对待自然和人的态度。

Anuta Skrypnychenko: Discovered her work at the Cambridge library, immediately drawn to her work. We became close friends when I moved back to Toronto. She took me under her wing and she’s an original. Anuta’s honest and has challenged the way I see. Strong consistent timeless bodies of work, interesting ideas with nature, people and sculptural stuff. I’m a fan of her art books and she introduced me to a lot of neat things. I like what she has done with nature and people.

Lee Friedlander: 我很自然就被他的作品吸引住了。正是他的作品激发我开始摄影。

Lee Friedlander: I’m drawn to his work naturally, it was work like that inspired me to start photography in the first place.

Gus Van Sant & Harmony Korine: 电影 My Own Private Idaho, Last Days, 以及Harmony’s Gummo 对我很有启发。爸爸曾经播放过Paranoid park,还有关于自然异物的实验性质的电影。就地取材的实验拍摄方式启发了我用现有的材料来进行创作。

Gus Van Sant & Harmony Korine: Films like my Own Private Idaho, Last Days, and Harmony’s Gummo inspired me. My dad would play Paranoid park and some times experimental movies that dealt with outsiders in nature. That have crept into what I’ve been doing. Their experimental improvised way has had an impact on me. Working with less and what you have.

经常去的网站?Websites that you visit frequently?

Connor Dobbin 目前暂无网页,可以通过邮箱与他联系

Connor Dobbin doesn’t have website or tumblr at the moment. You can always contact him at