Tell mum everything is ok

tmeio位于法国的TMEIO是一份新创办的fanzine,准备推出他们杂志的第一期,现公开集稿中。将你的作品(photographs,illustrations, texts ,productions…anything new)发至主办方的邮箱,征稿时间为三个月,之后将选出满意的作品出版成杂志或艺术书.本期的主题为True story.Deadline:2009年6月21日。



The Frederic Pierre and Camille Francoise Edition is launching their first call to participate in the very first issue of TELL MUM EVERYTHING IS OK.

TELL MUM EVERYTHING IS OK is a fanzine of random photography. Created from the start like a fanzine, with limited financial means and much gatherings of ends and odds.
This magazine wants to put out there an alternative vision on the dominant photographic practices. It will be the opportunity to discover new authors and their works on a variety of different themes.
TELL MUM EVERYTHING IS OK is based on active participation from all its members, the readers are also the ones that create the magazine.

Our goal is to have a different theme with each issue. You would be able to submit your photographs, based on the present theme, either on the Flickr Gallery, or by email at :

This fanzine is managed on a voluntary and collective bases. Due to our meager resources, we will not be able to financially compensate the participants of this fanzine. Nevertheless, we will try to have free samples for the participants in the future, after we see the different costs of printing and sales of this very first issue.

The first theme that has been chosen to launch this magazine is ‘TRUE STORY’:


Deadline for submission is 21 June 2009

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