We Think Alone by Miranda July


Miranda July将这种情感纪念付诸于一个名为“We Think Alone” 的网上行为艺术。她邀集好朋友们(如著名女演员Kirsten Dunst;美国电影制片人和演员 Lena Dunham)一起参加这个活动,具体就是把他们这些人的私人邮件分享给通过网站注册的读者们,要求越生活化的邮件越好。以“Read my friends emails” 之言提醒自己,相对的长阅读或是深阅读对我们的重要性。


“What I admire you most is you can write one and another long heart-warming letters to us.” A friend once told me. Long time ago, we grieved for not receive single handwriting letter in a long period. Yet now, I would mourn for not getting any greeting and story-sharing email from friends.

To commemorate this weakening emotional connection, Miranda July starts an online performance art project named “We Think Alone”. She invited her friends (such as famous actress Kirsten Dunst, American filmmaker & actor Lena Dunham) to joining her by share their personal emails to registered reader of the website—the more daily life writings, the better. “Read my friends emails” reminds me with its simple four word that a relatively long-reading means a lot our life.

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  1. Love it!很让人感触的小项目,当生活被切割成一块块碎片,只有真诚交流、静心阅读才能让我们更完整。

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