I Love Typography

ilovetypograhy字体设计无处不在,马路标识,洗发精瓶身,牙膏,书,杂志,海报等等与我们的生活紧密相关。我爱字体是由一位生活于日本的John Boardley两年前开始的一个字体blog,现在已成为字体信息资源库。

Read Between the Leading最近对John进行了一次采访,关于他本人,关于字体,关于设计文化。从对他的访谈中,我了解到他的幽默,洒脱,专业,憨厚和谦逊,让人尊敬。


他尤其钟爱中国和日本文化,访谈中问道他为什么会生活在日本,他说:”I do believe life is short and one should do what one wants to do, so I thought about living in China or Japan, visited both countries, so I came to Japan through a couple of transmittings, looking an apartment in Japan when I was travelling here and I went back to UK, sold out my apartment. I just moved and say ‘why not?’  “

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